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You have many choices out there for web and email hosting. Some are better than others for sure. Why is Bay Area Internet Connection the best at their hosting? Let’s show you how!

1. “Worry-free” Full Service Management– We handle everything for you, updates, security, monitoring, and more!

Your hosting is in well trained hands. We want you to worry about your web site quality and content, let us worry about keeping things managed. BAIC handles all server updates, security fixes at the operating system level, monitoring and more. We include this excellent extension to our hosting service because we want to run the best hosting environment possible.

  1. We keep server software continually up to date. PHP, and all things “server-side”
  2. Secure monitoring 24/7 by our team of server and network engineers.
  3. Proactive response to any attacks or problems.
  4. 24/7 monitoring because your site is key to overall security.

2. Softaculous is included! – Softaculous is set up for you in our easy to use cPanel. For those that aren’t web designers/developers, this is an easy to use control panel which allows you to install CMS sites like WordPress or Joomla. Scripts and server-side programs…All at no extra cost!

3. cPanel/WHM – cPanel/WHM offers the standard control panel you know and love

4. Say goodbye to shared hosting!  Most companies save you money by lumping all of the accounts onto one big server to keep costs low. This seems like a good idea, until you realize that your important business mail is now subject to the same spammy account on the same server. Or someone else is hogging all of the server resources…slowing down your site. With us you have two choices: 1. Share the server with only our customers, or 2. your very own server with it’s own IP address!
5. Remote Backups – We store 30 days of snapshots! Don’t be left without backups when you need them. as of 7am each day.

6. RAID 10 Storage – RAID 10 technology allows for higher levels of storage reliability from our storage space server-side solutions. In more specific terms, the RAID 10 setup takes the best from two different RAID levels. It uses the mirroring power of RAID 1 and the striping of RAID 0. We specialize in delivering you the best storage solutions for your hosting needs. Our RAID 10 storage setup gives the best combination of web hosting performance, availability and redundancy.

7. Reseller packages: Are you a web designer/developer? How would you like to have your very own server for your customers with it’s own IP address? We can make that happen for you…and our affordable pricing makes that very possible: if you are a small 1 person business, or a firm with many designers, we are the locally owned hosting company that has you covered.

But the #1 reason why our customers love us is our customer service. When you call us, you aren’t calling a call center in some unknown country. You are calling someone right here within our own company, who knows you and knows what your needs are.


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