Who is BAIC Multimedia
and IT Solutions anyway?

BAIC stands for Bay Area Internet Connection.  The joke over the years was that it stood for “Boy Am I Confused“. It was a dream child of Wayne’s to start a web hosting company back in the 1990′s.

cjCJ started with Bank of America in the early 90′s as a corporate officer for their Retirement Products Division in Oakland CA.  He was a unique officer that essentially had two jobs: The job on the 5th floor was as a transfer consultant for the entire state of CA for funds moving in and out of the bank (both series 7 and series 65 licensed under BAIS), and the other job on the 6th floor was the computer trainer for all of the new hires and temporary staffing for the division. (all of this was after he helped implement and test the 14 million dollar call center for BA Investments/Retirement Products Service Center). His first PC was an IBM 8088xt

wayneWayne began programming computers in 7th grade. In college, his programming skills were noticed and he was pushed toward UNIX by his instructors. From there, he worked in Open Source supporting and testing various *nix operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD. This background led to a career in the Systems Administration field including Internet Service Providers and a number of years for ATT offering Enterprise Class managed services, primarily security, for high profile businesses. After moving back to Leflore county, he decided to offered his services to small and medium businesses in the area. His experience spans 14 years and includes nearly every type of business from home based ecommerce to nation wide banks. Wayne and CJ met and worked together in the late 90′s for a local ISP called ValueNet in Walnut Creek, CA. It was this mom and pop organization that the two learned that the way to succeed in an Information Technology Saturated market was to make service priority one!

cjjustinThe owners encouraged personalized service with everyone from sales to billing, to technical support, to the system administrators themselves. They grew their company from a 3 person operation to a staff of over 20 and clients all over the state of California. We follow that same tradition to this day. And it’s working!

When CJ came on board with BAIC in the late 90′s, they spread out to a small office, added DNS servers, and away they went.

justin2At the turn of the century, CJ split his venture to cover more of the IT work, Network Engineering, and Audio and Video projects, thus forming what the company essentially is today. As the company is growing, Wayne is taking on more of the network security and web hosting, while CJ is doing the field work. They figured out early in the game that customers do not want to deal with some mysterious call center in some remote country. They want to know who they are dealing with and we provide that for them…and at a rate that is way below our closest competitors.

OK enough now of how we evolved…Let’s talk about now 🙂

We have our Office Manager Jamie (Silly photo not shown for fear of her wrath).

and our current Intern:

Justin justin



We also have two shop kitties Mikey and Sawyer. mikesawyer

But most importantly: We are a local family owned/operated company. While we are professional and extremely gifted at what we do, we will never lose site that family is important.

We also understand that you and your family are important. Which is why we created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere here at our shop. When you’re here, you’re family too.

We are “pet-friendly” as long as your pet is on his/her best behavior 🙂

So come on in and see us. You will join the masses that always say “I wish I had known about you guys sooner!”