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We Californians aren’t used to bad weather. Most small to medium sized companies also don’t have a contingency plan in place should something happen to their technology. Earthquakes, rain, electrical storms, and simple outages can bring your small business to a grinding halt in the blink of an eye. Unless you are prepared.

Let’s make a simple checklist for the big “what-if’s” so that you have it handy for your technical support folks. And in most cases won’t even NEED them 🙂 Here’s how!


This one can be fairly simple. Verify ahead of time how to call in with your cell phone to FORWARD your company phone number temporarily to a mobile number if you still need to have the phones ring. If not, verify with your phone company how to call in and check voicemail remotely with a mobile device. If you are using an answering machine scrap it! They are useless when your phones/power are out. Most phone companies offer offsite voicemail for free. Use this.

Internet/network/server failure:

How did business get done BEFORE the Internet/computers? Most 20-somethings and even some 30-somethings never really knew this type of business, and those of us who did, it was so long ago that we forgot a very simple thing: Pen and paper! 🙂 If there are appointments or other important data to enter, it’s extremely easy to jot things down to enter into the system once it’s back online. Key here is don’t panic. Your customers will understand that you are experiencing downtime, and that you will enter the information once the system is back online.Chances are, they have experienced it at their job too, and will be more understanding than you think 🙂

Power outage: See above. The above tips will get you through in most cases until systems/power/phones are restored. Also might be handy to have a battery backup for your computer/server to keep cell phones charged while using during an outage.

So by having a simple checklist ready for “what-ifs” you can be ready to go when (and if) something happens to your technology. You may want to start yours before the next event happens 🙂

If you need assistance with any of this, please give us a call, or contact us on our contact page.


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