Blog, Windows Support 7.1.2013 Comments Off on Using Windows 8 Pro 64bit and Quickbooks?

quickbooksOK! You’ve decided to make the leap of faith and upgrade your Win 7 to Win 8 Pro. You have the 64 bit (x64) and now you open your invoices, create one, and go to send like you normally do, and WHAM! You hit a wall with an error that QuickBooks can’t create a PDF document. It even advises you to restart QB and try again. Well, let us save you a TON of hassle and frustration with a few second fix.

Delete the XPS document printer in your printers and faxes area. Then downloaded the R4 update and restart QB’s.

Apparently Win 8 Pro X64 handles things a little differently, and this quick fix will save you HOURS of research and frustration in getting your paperless office back on track.

 If you are not using the above OS and are having PDF problems, CLICK HERE for the PDF Repair Utility for QB 🙂


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