As of 2018, we have expanded our residential coverage to include all the way to central Maine! 207-802-8113 is our East coast number. 707-297-6789 is our West coast number.

In fact, we now have clients world-wide! You can now be anywhere in the world (we’ve even helped clients on cruise ships), as long as your computer can go online.

With our remote support feature, you no longer have to have a tech visit your home, have your dog bark at the tech for 30 minutes, have to feel like you have to offer them coffee, or lug your computer down to a shop to have it looked at (unless it’s hardware related, then that’s impossible to do online) 🙂 We do it all over the internet!

Our monthly managed maintenence plan (or MMC) offers you the same piece of mind that we offer our business clients.

What we do: we contact you the day of your monthly scheduled service and ask when is convenient for you for us to remote in and get started.

We then make sure that all of your regular software like browsers, scripting languages, antivirus, etc are all up to date. We then begin to run malware scans and do a system cleanup/optimization. This means cleaning up old dead registry entries, old temp files, and other things that are no longer needed by your computer. We also check your system logs in the background to make sure that there are no system issues that need to be addressed. Once that is all complete, we reboot, and you are free to use your system again. Then, simply go on the front page of our website and click “pay an invoice” and you are all set! You get an email receipt right away, and you are good to go!

How much is this? $45 a month will get you this basic service, but for $65 a month, you get this PLUS the ability to text or email quick questions throughout the month at no extra charge! It’s great for those without a tech savvy friend or family member that you can text or email for those quick questions.

If you are an existing residential customer, and would like to get on (or back on) our MMC rotation, please contact us via our contact page if you have any questions on your account with us 🙂