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remoteThe trends of technology are constantly changing. The need for an on-site tech is becoming less and less. But why is this becoming so important for the tech company as well as the person receiving support?

Well there are many reasons. While it is still necessary to have an on-site tech for things like mechanical troubleshooting/replacing/set-up, most things can be done via a remote support session.

1. It’s faster. In many cases, you can get support in minutes rather than hours/days to have a scheduled on-site appointment. A tech can also handle multiple customers instead of one at a time unnecessarily…again, more cost effective for everyone involved.

2. It’s convenient. Having a tech remote in at night while your business is closed, or if you are a residential customer, during the day while you are at work limits downtime for things like virus/malware scans and routine updates and troubleshooting issues.

3. It’s green! Less vehicles on the road, means less emissions, less fuel consumed, wear and tear on vehicles and cheaper for the IT company who can pass the savings on to the customer!

4. Billable hours: Most companies bill at $90-120 an hour. This includes travel time to but sometimes also from the job site (again you are tying up a tech while he/she is in transit. This is time that they could be helping people instead of sitting in traffic somewhere.

 5. Geographic location: Most companies like ours have a physical service area that they are limited to. With remote support, a good company can assist folks anywhere in the world that have a broadband connection!

So the next time you need a service call, think beforehand if you really need them on-site, or if you can schedule a remote support session to get you and your technology working well for you.

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