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outlook 2010Here’s a very unique situation that we discovered today with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and IMAP with Godaddy (yes, not hosted with us, it happens sometimes) where the customer could send and receive email just fine, but under the SENT items folder, there was a 24 hour delay (she could only see mail sent from yesterday backward, but not today’s sent items). But tomorrow, she would see today’s sent email and so forth.


Here is the fix:

• Go to to Send/Receive, then Send/receive groups, and define send/receive
• On the right side of the send/receive groups window click on the Edit button
• Uncheck the “Get folder unread count for subscribed folders”
• Under Received mail items check the option “Use the custom behavior defined below”
• In the next window below select INBOX and SENT leave the other folders unchecked and hit OK.
Then select the radio dial for Download complete items including attachments for subscribed folders. And hit OK (greyed out inbox and sent will be checked).
• Click OK and then exit out of your options and send a test message to verify.

Repeat this process on ALL Outlook programs that are on that email and all somehow syncs correctly from that point forward. Any emails before the change will still have to wait until the next day.

About the author: CJ is an MCSE/CCNA with 20 years (yes, his 1st computer was an IBM 8088) of networking, computer engineering, and computer training experience, and he is the owner of Bay Area Internet Connection.


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