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when you look down on people with low bandwidth rates.

when you turn off your DSL/Cable modem and get this awful empty feeling, like you just pulled the plug on a loved one.

when your website layout has won prizes but you can’t read your own handwriting

when DOS was your favorite toy as a child

when tech support calls you for help.

when your family texts you because that’s the only way to get in touch with you

when your first thought isn’t small and furry when you hear the word “mouse”

when someone mentions java and coffee is the second thing that goes through your mind

when your fingers are stronger than your arms and your only tan originates from your monitor radiation.

when you hear a joke and start show your amusement by saying *rotflol*

when asked to give your address, you don’t think twice before rattling off your e-mail address instead of your postal address.

when all of your friends have @ in their names.

when the TV stopped working a month ago and you didn’t notice, but your net connection glitches for a second and you break out in a cold sweat.

when all of your closest friends live out of state…or country, and you still talk to them every day.

when you can find the tilde (~) key without looking down.

when you have a pyramid of coke cans in you computer room

when you have a hotkey (crtl+alt+something) for every single networking program on your computer.

when you’re daily to-do list looks like this:

#include <sleep.h></sleep.h>

int main()




for(int i=1; i==10)





return 0;


when you leave a hotel early in the morning, and you walk up to the receptionist and say: “good morning, I would like to logout”.

when you type up conversations with yourself and play them back with a text-to-speech system so you won’t feel lonely.

when people ask you your favorite color and you answer “#fce503”

when you teach your kids to type before they can talk

when you’re more fluent in Java than your native tongue

when you’d rather have more dots per inch than miles pr. gallon.

when you feel confident enough about your knowledge of technology to say “I don’t know” to a question, instead of trying to make something up.

when someone you don’t know calls an IDIOT a nerd and you stop to explain to them what a nerd REALLY is.

when you spend your weekend looking through all the shareware programs on you’re new Terrabyte NAS drive

when you’re start-up sound for Windows is a robotic female voice saying, “Allocating system resources… Windows initialized… Log-on procedure successful… Welcome to Windows 7, Unbeliever. Would you like me to make you some coffee?”

when you’re sleeping, then wake up to find one of your friends laughing at you. You then ask why, and they say that you were typing in your dreams and mumbling something about C++.

when the coke can pyramid gets so big that you decide to make it 3-dimensional.

when you at a party see this neanderthal bothering your friend, and tell your friend to do a /ignore

when the worst punishment you can give your kids is “No going on the internet until you’ve done your chores!!”

when you start writing children’s stories that start out ….




when you ask your girlfiend to call you on MS Netmeeting just so you can hear what she sounds like.

when you are asked about the the last movie you saw and you respond ‘avi or quicktime?’.

when you go home for the holidays, you notice that your family upgraded their computer before you notice your new baby brother.

when you take apart the power supply to see why your computer won’t turn on, later to realize it was unplugged.

when your 5 year old son spells his name, “J-O-R-D-A-N-ENTER”.

when you want your tombstone to read ‘Connection terminated: System has stopped responding.’

when you come late for work in the morning and your excuse is “I had 45 e-mails in my inbox”.

When you have so much computer junk in your basement that your friends come to you before they go to the computer store!

When your parent asks you what the weather outside is like, you fly to your computer, punch in, your zip code, and finally answer: It’s raining…

When you give out your phone number with dots in it (like an IP), not dashes. 1.800.999.9999

When your journal entries have the tags <ramblings></ramblings> written in.

If someone asks you where you put the cookies and you say you deleted them.

When you can type 95 words per minute with two fingers.

When the only sport you play is Frisbee with AOL CDs.

When you define a senior citizen as someone that programs in Integer Basic.

When your computer accepts voice commands in Hex

When you are multilingual and the only non-computer language you speak is Klignon

When you wish people were ODBC compliant.

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