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Dear big business. We need to talk. We are the consumer, we are your customers, we have a voice and it’s about to be heard.

To whomever designed your large, over-complicated infrastructure, please let us say this: it doesn’t work. It never has, and quite frankly never will. To those of you who have no idea so far what we mean, let us tell you a story. It’s a story that many of you have probably heard a variation of. Maybe you’ve played it out in your home or office at one time or another. Here is how our story went today:

Once upon a time there was a company. It was a small company, but one that had many people that counted on each day. This little company had one big issue. Very bad Internet service where it needed it most. The company did battle for over three years with city planners, with large ISP’s, and small. And largely to no avail. Until one day a large ISP said “hey, we have better service in your area now! Are you interested?” The little company said “OF COURSE! Where do we start??”. They set an appointment time for the following week. All seemed to finally go well for the little company. Or so it seemed…

What the little company didn’t know was that this is the point where the story unraveled. The morning of the appointment, they eagerly sipped their coffee, and waited for the installer. They knew that there would be a little downtime, so only two people waited….and waited…and waited. Until finally, a TRUCK arrived! It was like a beacon of light across the street at the Telco box. Alas all of their bandwidth woes would be over. Or so they thought…

The truck sat there, and it sat there. The driver never got out. When they crossed the street and approached the truck, he looked at them and said (and we quote) “it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for you today folks”, and drove away. The little company owner was FURIOUS! They had taken it upon good faith that the big company would hold to their word and help the little company get better bandwidth that they needed to help their customers. He quickly called and started the cogs in the massive corporate wheel turning. A trouble ticket was opened and the rep on the phone was very sincere and apologetic, but help wouldn’t arrive for another week or so.

A week?? This will never do! The big company promised the little company that it would be today! This will never be ok. What could the lady at the big company do to expedite the dreaded “trouble ticket”? She eagerly said that she would expedite it and help the struggling little company get the issue resolved. And that the company should check in in a few hours to see if their line had been “provisioned” (set up) for the newer faster service that was promised.

So the little company waited…and waited…and waited still. Until a few hours had passed and were informed that it might be until 8pm that night for the line to be provisioned and a new installer be sent out the following day to set it all up for the little company. SO they waited…and waited…until their Internet service stopped! How could this be? The owner knew what happened! They re-provisioned the VERY line that they were USING! And without an installer present to bring the right equipment to help them be on the Internet!Now what to do? Instead of bad service, now the little company had NO service.

So they called…again…and after being on hold for 30-45 minutes, they promised to send an installer out…hopefully by the end of the day. So the little company waited and waited some more. Until they called to check in on the installer and his/her whereabouts. The nice lady from the big company (a call center in Texas this time) happily told the little company that the installer was en route…from a place called Petaluma! Wow that’s a long way! Why would they send an installer in commute traffic two hours away from the customer? Where they punishing the installer? Was he bad? Were they punishing the little company? Surely that wasn’t it…they were after all the victim in all of this. OH!! We know what it was! Someone in the BIG company saw that the little company had a 707 area code and assumed that the installer was close by. What they failed to know was that the 707 area code runs from the San Francisco Bay Area allllll the way up to the Oregon border! (over 750 miles)

So the little company waited and waited until the installer arrived…hot and tired from his 3 hour van ride, he politely set up the new account and ran the tests to make sure that the bandwidth (speeds) matched what was promised to the little company. It did, and the installer and the little company thanked each other for each others patience and cooperation and help. All of which took about 20 minutes….but 9 hours and 20 minutes was the grand total that day.

The little company had a meeting and made a pledge: That they would never grow so large that they would ever treat their customers like the big companies do. They would know each of their customers and provide the service that they need. And not make them wait and wait and wait…with nothing more than a promise to help and a trouble ticket written on a scrap of paper.

-The End








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