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Screenshot_2015-06-30-18-18-31-1You wouldn’t leave your child or pet locked in a hot car (nor would YOU like it). And your sensitive electronics don’t like the heat either. Computers, routers, switches, etc have a tenancy to be locked away in closets and cabinets do not do well in severe heat, and they will fail on you. This will cost you downtime, money to replace, and a tech to come onsite and reinstall everything for you (yes we are for hire) 🙂

Cheap way to help them: Open the closet/cabinet doors for them on hot days. Let your home/office AC get a chance to keep your equipment cool like you like to be cool. Also, a fan to help circulate air is a good and inexpensive solution to keep things cool. Not sure? Sit where your equipment sits. Feel hot/uncomfortable? Chances are so does your gear.

More expensive way to help: Climate control for your closets/cabinets. Your local electronics store has fans built for furniture. You will need one for intake, and one for exhaust. Your local HVAC company can make suggestions on how to keep closets climate controlled as well.

Stay cool everyone and be well!

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