Disable your Synaptics Touchpad with a USB mouse plugged in

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What do I need? What skill level is this?

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate.
Gather the following:
  • A mouse
  • A laptop running Windows 7
  • An Administrator account. A Standard account WILL NOT be able to do this.

***disclaimers*** (You have been warned)

1. Make sure your USB mouse works before you do this, because if it does not, and this fails to work or you do it wrong, you may have no “mouse” to navigate with.

2. Editing the windows registry is not something for the faint of heart- errors in the registry can cause major problems! With that said, this is a very simple simple fix if you follow these instructions directly.

3. We did not test this with non-synaptics touchpads. You need to find/Google the registry entry, or instructions for your brand.

4. This was done on a Windows 7 laptop with a Synaptics touch pad.

Step I

In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key:


Step 2: On the right-side, create a new DWORD value and rename it as DisableIntPDFeature. Finally, change its value to 33 (make sure that Hexdecimal is selected under Base section).

Step 4: Close the Registry Editor and reboot your PC to see Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device is connected option.

Good luck!




Also, another fun tidbit: if you close and reopen main.cpl, and navigate to the last tab after your computer informs you that it has disabled touchpad, you will now be able to enable and disable this feature at your leisure.

Check the screen:


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