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When people say “social media” They immediately think of FaceBook or Twitter. But there are MANY others out there designed to get like-minded people together to share their common interests. If you are a musician in a small community for example, how do you share your music or videos with the world, and do it for FREE? Well let’s talk about that a bit 🙂

First off, you would be best suited with a free YouTube page (easy to set up, takes less than a few minutes). Visual artists (photographers, painters sculptors, tattoo folks), your free venue will be Instagram.

Why is it better to embed your craft on your site rather than just post it to your website? Well the #1 reason is bandwidth. Most hosting companies (like us) keep costs low by keeping bandwidth low. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, please read on because this is just starting to get good.

All Social Media sites have one very important thing in common: Tags. These tags help like-minded folks find each other in a sea of information. A well used tag can potentially reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people if the information/timing is right.

youtubeAs you can see in this example, here’s a song title, an upcoming local event, and a link back to the website where someone can buy tickets to the event, or read more about the organization.

Even if someone didn’t want to buy tickets, they still might be another local Jazz organization somewhere in the world which can network with this one. Or a local Jazz musician who might want to join them.

As you might have guessed, this type of link back to your site is called a linkback. The more linkbacks that you have to your website, the more credibility you get with the major search engines. Especially if your site is new and not yet established out on the web.

And the embed code is what you use on your site to make it look like the image/song/video is coming off your site.

Now keep in mind we are just giving you a few examples. You can also use these important tools on FaceBook, Twitter, and a multitude of other social media sites.

Now to tie this all together and put a big bow on it. I put a song or video on my website. How would anyone know to look for it? Or conversely, I am posting on social media and not linking back to my website: how would anyone see my site, or know I was even there? The secret is embedding your content on your website, and linking back to your site from the social media venue. This makes a circuit that helps the right people find the right content out on the web.

So here in this example, you can see a commercial on our site is actually embedded on YouTube. Then on the right, you see the YouTube page with our link back to our website. You can also see on the far right other commercials that we’ve uploaded that are also embedded on our site. This also spruces up your website with dynamic content that makes people want to visit your site. Our stats went off the charts when we started doing this years ago. It just makes your website more entertaining for your visitors.

OK now that you know, get out there and start embedding! 🙂


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