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Benicia State Capital

Benicia State Capital

When people think of Benicia, several things usually spring to mind: Historic places, a huge Industrial Park,  great water views, and awesome shopping downtown. But what people may not realize is there is a whole other section of town that offers great shopping, artists, and also historic places. Its the Benicia Arsenal.

The dead presidents reference comes from the fact that the Arsenal District is a decommissioned Army base that closed in 1962, and it’s streets were named after American Presidents. Grant, Polk, Tyler, Jefferson, Washington, etc. The area starts at the gates at the end of Military East, and wind all the way through the very east end of

There are over 250 businesses in the Arsenal. Automotive repair, Tech Support/Computer help (us), The Ironhorse Furniture, Mortgage brokers, therapists, a consignment shop, a soap company, a costume place, chiropractors/whole health, stained glass, glass blowers, dog groomers, wood working, dance studios, artists of all varieties, ceramics, a wallpaper company…just about anything you can imagine…and they are all within walking distance from wherever you park!

It’s fun to explore! Beautiful buildings like the 940 Tyler St, or the Jefferson St Mansions offer great photo opportunities, as well as fun places to investigate, have lunch, and just enjoy altogether. Pet friendly: Most businesses in the arsenal will welcome your 4-legged friend 🙂

So when you think of Benicia, think of the Arsenal District, and what it has to offer. There’s more to our little town than Southampton and First Street 🙂

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