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Networking skill Level: Intermediate/Professional


AT&T and Comcast. Great broadband providers that we work with on an almost daily basis. Generally the installers that we meet are really great folks. They are prompt, friendly, and helpful. However they aren’t network engineers. This is where we step in. Their job is to make sure that service comes to the building. They provide us with a sheet of information like our PPPOE or static IP information when applicable.

U-Verse Modem/Router

But what happens when you need to do a project that’s non-standard. Like share this U-Verse connection with an entire building. Each suite/company having it’s own router for security reasons. This is where the going gets challenging. We mentioned that the installers aren’t network engineers. They can only provide us with the tools needed to get started. Yet, we network engineers aren’t trained on their proprietary equipment. like this Motorola model shown here.

Most network engineers say to themselves “cascading router setup! I got this!” -Until they get one or two set up and realize that it isn’t as straight forward as they thought.

This quick tutorial will help other network engineers not spend hours or DAYS troubleshooting and configuring. This project with 5 routers cascading, should only take an hour or less to configure.

Before you begin: The installer will config the U-Verse router/modem. This config can be left alone. We would just set up the wireless for yourself or your company in case you need to log in from outside the building or if you ever get locked out of the telco room at a future date 🙂 Do not try and configure the cascading router area shown here for this type of project. It’s not needed.

U-Verse Modem/Router

Step 1: Configure each company router UNDER the U-Verse Modem/router to DHCP on the WAN side.

Step 2: Configure each company routers DHCP/LAN side as a different IP scheme (ex, and so on)

Step 3. MAKE SURE to plug each router’s uplink directly into the U-Verse Modem/Router. This is CRUCIAL. If you go through a switch, your configuration will not work! Some routers will try and see other routers as their gateway, and it will throw off your whole network.

Step 4: Do your walkthru and make sure that all of your tenants are online and happy with the service. If all goes as planned, all of them will be 🙂




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