Calling all local businesses: The new Arts Benicia Auction posters are here!

If you would like one for your office, please stop by our office 10am-6pm SOON, and pick yours up :) We also have postcards too if you have counter space for them. They go fast each year so hurry in if you want one (or two).


Calling all volunteers! The auction still needs volunteers! Please call Laura at Arts Benicia 707.747.0131 or if you would like to join "Team BAIC" we could use a few more as well. Please Call Jamie at 707.297.6789 if you would like to help us :) We always have a lot of fun, and it's extremely rewarding to volunteer your time to a worthwhile cause. Be advised, this year there will be no computers involved! Everything will be via paper, so we will need greeters, and helpers, and ticket sales people and more. 1st come 1st serve on this, so call us sooner rather than later to sign up :)

If you want to attend the auction this year, tickets are now available at Arts Benicia's Website! There is also a check-in available if you bought your tickets at a store location here in town. Save money/save by planning ahead and ordering tickets online!


We now have guest WIFI! With the new faster Internet service here, we can now offer free WIFI for our clients. Great for those quick jobs that you are waiting for, or meetings and classes that we offer here.

...or just come hang out! We love to have company here :)

Once we get even BETTER speeds, we may start hosting gaming LAN parties! :) Open it up for outside Internet gaming!


Are we hosting your website yet??? If not, why not? Call us today to see how we can save you money and get better service and support from shopping LOCALLY! :)

Our website has a new look! In case you haven't seen it yet, hop on over to our site and let us know what you think! We pulled all the stops to make it more user-friendly, easy to read, easy to find information, and added useful tools and information in our new blog section!

Also, the blog and do-it-yourself section is now broken down into easy to find categories (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Users)