In this Newsletter: Party at BAIC Multimedia & IT Solutions! Upsetting news about local businesses, and more!

We're having an opening for our new featured artist! And you are invited :) Marvin Cummings exhibit opening is this Saturday the 18th from 6-9pm right here at our shop at 941 Grant Street in Benicia's beautiful Arsenal District.

Snacks, drinks, and music. Meet the artist and be able to ask questions about his work!

ALSO!! New Hits Radio's own Jeremiah North will be covering the event on! So if you aren't able to attend, you can still hear about it on NHR! Online,, or on your favorite iTunes/iPad/iPhone App.


We got some sad news yesterday.  Mike & Gayle's announced that after 30 years of business here in town, that they will be closing their doors. It seems that folks are not supporting local businesses like they should, and it's effecting all of us!

So instead of heading off to Home Lowes for that new hammer, think: "can I buy this at the locally owned hardware store" first!

To read more about what you can do to turn our economy around, please read this and share it. We've made it easy to share on FaceBook, Twitter, email, and even smoke signals! (Well not smoke signals, but you get the point).


Our website has a new look! In case you haven't seen it yet, hop on over to our site and let us know what you think! We pulled all the stops to make it more user-friendly, easy to read, easy to find information, and added useful tools and information in our new blog section!

Also, the blog and do-it-yourself section is now broken down into easy to find categories (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Users)


Time for a check-up! Bring in your PC or laptop (or let us schedule a remote session if you are out of the area) and for just $45 we will clean/optimize your system for you. Don't wait until it's too late to give your PC/Laptop the care that it needs...and $45 is priced juuuust right for any budget!