Latest Credit Info Leaks

We are getting a ton of calls and e-mails asking about the latest rash of credit information that was leaked through Equifax . Some folks have been called and e-mailed scam information already based on information that's out in the wind on the dark web. This is kind of scary but we can help!

What can I do?

Well first off, you can look to the references below to see if your information is out there and what to do on that level. You can also check here for free.If you are unsure if your computer has been breached, you have several options that we can help with. Free credit monitoring also helps.

TransUnion® Credit Monitoring, Credit Karma, Wallet Hub, and then there's a review list on paid monitoring services that can be found here.


Ok Cool, I'll check that but what about my computer?

 If you are concerned about your computer, there's several things that you can do to protect yourself. Don't click on strange emails with strange attachments is just the start. But if you think that you may have or will be compromised, we have this for you:

• If you are a Mac user, you can download and run for free Avast Free Antivirus. Just because you own a Mac, doesn't mean that you should ever go without antivirus on your system. Also frequently check your system for updates. I know it's a hassle but it's worth it in the long run.


• Business PC Users: If you are already on our Monthly Managed Care plan, you can breathe a little easier. We are already on guard each month to make sure that you are secure. No further action is needed.


• Business owners that have HOME PC's that we don't manage: CLICK HERE to have us add your home PC/Laptop to your office machines each month (we will simply adjust your monthly bill a bit to reflect the changes, and send you a system reminder to leave your PC on when it's time each month).


• Employees/Staff of businesses that we service: CLICK HERE and we will be happy to add your home machine(s) to our monthly rotation. $45 a month per computer. It is peace of mind to know that your home system is cleaned/optimized/updated/scanned each month. See below how easy it is to pay each month.


• Residential customers that just want a one time checkup: While we don't recommend this (much like your Dr or Dentist doesn't want you to not get regular checkups) we can still do a one-time checkup. We can do what we described above for starting at just $45 per computer CLICK HERE to get that set up for you.


OK you're right, I need to stop putting it off and have you check my system regularly. How do I pay you when I'm done?

The easiest way is on our website, and look for this button on the main page. But if you prefer the old school writing of the check payable to BAIC, our mailing address is:

836 Southampton Rd, Ste B, #239, Benicia, CA 94510.

We can also e-mail you an invoice via Square which is even simpler for credit/debit card payments.

Now for the $45 disclaimer: If something major is discovered during maintenance (and it does once in a while on some home computers) We will always call you to discuss the proper method of action to take, and possible costs associated. Some of those cases might be a highly infected computer or one with system damage that needs to be repaired. But most cases it's a slam dunk, and you get a happy computer without having to bring it into a shop :)


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