What's New With BAIC?

Some important news that we would like to share with our business owners starting the first of the year.

Residential Customers we can still assist remotely but please see below for your resource list.

Most of you know by now that Justin has been handling our on-site calls for almost 2 months now. If you haven’t met him yet, he’s My mini-me, and he’s been personally trained by me since he was about 13 years old (he’s 23 now). He is extremely gifted at hardware related support, and
we wouldn’t trust the job to anyone else but him.

Now for the reasoning behind the shift in duties: We have relocated our office to the east coast, and we are now strictly a phone and remote support IT company.

Now for the million questions that you may have that we formed in the following FAQ (compiled from the clients that we were already able to tell).

1.    Q: So what is going to change?
        A: Almost nothing except what I explained above and our mailing address (see the contact page website www.baic.com)
2.    Q: Will I still call/text/email you for support?
        A: Yes, it will be business as usual. The only difference is that if an on-site tech is needed,    Justin will be dispatched by me to your office in place of CJ.
3.    Q: Will Justin be keeping your office?
        A: No, we closed our Benicia location and he will be dispatched to your office if and as needed  (hardware troubleshooting only).
4.    Q: Will we get an updated W-9 for taxes with your new mailing address?
        A: Yes, Jamie will send those out soon.
5.    Q: When are you leaving and what is your relocation “down-time”?
        A: We've already moved and are up and fully functioning now :) 
6.    Q: Will you still have the same telephone number and email addresses?
7.    A: Yes of course.
8.    Q: Will our Monthly Managed Care plan change?
        A: No. Everything will be as it was before.
9.    Q: Will you come and visit us when you come back to CA on vacations?
        A: What’s a vacation? Err, I mean yes of course!
10.    Q: So if you hadn’t told us that you were moving, I would never know?
          A: Yes, pretty much

Now for the really good news for our business clients: After Jan 6th, our support hours will be 7am-3pm M-F PST and extended emergency support via email/text messaging from 3pm-5pm PST M-F. Keep in mind that there will be a 3 hour difference in times, so our European clients will be 5 hours ahead of us instead of 8.

Now for our residential customers:

Residential Client Hardware Resources

(Please keep this important list)

Where do I take my broken Apple/Mac Product? Tech Restore in Concord 925-689-9488

What about my broken Windows PC or laptop? Domino Computer in Vallejo (707) 644-5055

What about my Cracked Android Screen? See Bulbs + Batteries Pleasant Hill (925) 687-2600

What about my Copier/Printer? See Vallejo Printer Concepts 707-649-2115


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