What if it were all gone?

Your tax documents, your family photos, your music, your bookmarks, and your videos. Gone in the blink of an eye. That's how fast a laptop or computer can get stolen, or a hard drive can fail. What would you do if it were all gone?

There's data recovery right? Well sure, we are partners with Drive Savers Data Recovery, and we can get you a discount, but a recovery job can cost as much as $700 to $2400 or more depending on the drive.

You back up your stuff locally? Great! but what about the data that is lost between backups? Offsite backup is really the way to go, and for our business clients, we use Carbonite (there's other great companies out there, but this is the company that we trust). It takes literally just a few minutes, the 1st 15 days is FREE to try, and it's only $65 minimum a year for your peace of mind. Just set it and forget it.

The worst thing an IT Company has to do is hold a dead hard drive in our hands and tell you we did all we could, but it's gone. Do yourself a favor and make sure that your backups are in place (after you finish reading this newsletter of course).


Getting healthy!

A lot of us sit behind a desk all day, and we as Americans eat a lot of processed and unhealthy food  "on the go". But we've been working with Rebecca at Firebelly Solutions, and we also sponsor the Richard Montgomery Jr. Memorial Heart Walk and they are showing us that you can also have a healthy lifestyle in an office environment. In fact, when we met with Rebecca about her company, we got on our walking shoes and had a walking meeting around the neighborhood!

So, if you are in charge of your organization, and it's a nice day, try walking with your group instead of sitting around a conference table. Encourage your staff to take walks around the building on their breaks, and if possible, walk or ride their bikes to work on some days.


Computer Sale!

We have refurbished PC's! Lightning fast, and completely affordable! If you are getting sick of your tired old PC, and would like something better without spending an arm and a leg, contact us here and we'll tell you what we have in stock! If you buy one now, we'll even transfer your data from your old clunker to your new PC for FREE. In most cases, while you wait!



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