Windows 10 Upgrade

 A lot of you are calling and emailing asking "should I do the free upgrade"?

The simple answer is yes. Unless you are a business running proprietary/special software that isn't ready for 10 yet (you know who you are), but for the rest of you, we recommend it now.

Heard rumors of Win 10 and privacy? They are true for the most part. Microsoft has taken a page from Google's book and has scripts written into the new OS that are considered by most to be spyware. Others call it "targeted marketing". This is why MS is offering the upgrade for free.

If you are concerned about your privacy, please see our article on the new setup. This applies to out of the box computers, as well as upgrades. There is also a script that you can run now that will block all of their scripts/apps that are considered to be spyware. You can get it free here.

Uh oh, I tried to do it myself and something went wrong

This has even happened to us on a few upgrades for clients. Usually A Win 10 disk that you can make yourself will allow you to do the "repair my Windows" feature in the setup like the previous OS did. If the repair doesn't work, there is an option to revert back to Win 7 built in. Or, bring it to us, and we can do it for you in a few hours. Very few models require an overnight stay :)

Not all models are ready yet. If you run the script that is showing up in your task bar, it will tell you if your model isn't ready yet. It also will tell you when it is, or you can "check the status" by right-clicking the icon. Some computer manufacturers are still working out the driver issues with their products.

 Customizing your start menu

This is the fun part. There are a few apps that if you don't want, simply right-click and select uninstall, or "don't show this item". The ones you DO want, select "pin to start". You can also drag items and group them how you want them for easy access. We like the weather, maps, and news apps in the start menu that update all the time.

Word of caution: The search window in the start menu is now gone. The developers thought that it was a waste of space, so to search for something, simply click START, then start typing what you are looking for. It will come up like it did in Win 7.


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