We recently rebuilt an entire shipment of HP Pro 3000 MT's with BRAND NEW Solid State Hard Drives! What does this mean? Well among other things, how does a 30 second reboot on Windows 7 sound? How about a 10 second boot up or 10 second shut down? Don't believe us? We have a demo model for you to take for a test spin! (Photoshop CS6 loads in about 5 seconds)


August 16-21st. Regular price $200

• Windows 7 Professional 64Bit

• 120GB Solid State Drive

• 2GB Fast DDR3 Memory (upgradable to 12GB)

• CD/DVD Drive With Lightscribe

• Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor 3.06Ghz

These also have Office 2013, Paint Shop Pro 15, Nero 7, Avast Free Antivirus, and more installed!


How about Laptops?

We have an entire shipment of Dell laptops that will be ready by next week.

Dell Latitude E6400 $150 and Latitude D630 $90

Both with 80GB Standard SATA hard drives and 4GB DDR II memory + Win 7 Pro

*For Solid State Drives, Add $65 + time to custom build for you


Residential Customer Reminder

Our business customers get a monthly managed care plan for them, but we don't have one for you. Most of you have remote support set up on your machines, so if it's time for a routine cleanup/update, please email us/call us and let us know when the best time is. It's easy- We remote in, do our work, and you can pay us online. No fuss, no muss!

If you don't have remote support set up, simply click here and follow the 3 easy steps. Help is on the way when you need it most :)

Still need to bring it in? No need for an appointment! just drop by anytime M-F 10am-6pm and we will be happy to help :)


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