Fun things going on around here!

Most of you know that we have 2 cat rescues here in the shop. Our latest rescues were 3 goldfish that we adopted after their owner passed away. So we installed a beautiful 55 gallon aquarium in our lobby and added them to our fish! And to top it off, we have a live fish cam so you all can see them and their relaxing effect on life :) Here is the link


BAIC Trivia:

The furthest client in the world that we've helped to date, is in Luxembourg

The furthest client in the country is in New York

(The closest client to us is next door)


Latest Projects:

Security systems/DVR Cameras! We have designed and installed 5 in the last month.

Server Migrations: Moving from in-house to cloud servers


Did you know?

You can listen to the Vallejo Admirals Games or your choice of 4 commercial-free and work-friendly radio stations for free on our site? Choose from:

New Hits Radio  |  Kickin’ Country  |   ’50s & ’60s Hits Radio  |  Pop2k


Residential Customer Reminder

Our business customers get a monthly managed care plan for them, but we don't have one for you. Most of you have remote support set up on your machines, so if it's time for a routine cleanup/update, please email us/call us and let us know when the best time is. It's easy- We remote in, do our work, and you can pay us online. No fuss, no muss!

If you don't have remote support set up, simply click here and follow the 3 easy steps. Help is on the way when you need it most :)

Still need to bring it in? No need for an appointment! just drop by anytime M-F 10am-6pm and we will be happy to help :)


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