Proud to be the Official IT Support Company of the 2015 Vallejo Admirals!

We are very excited to kick off the 2015 baseball season! We also have schedule posters for our clients to put up in theor offices/shops! Please let us know if you would like one dropped off, or swing by and pick one up 10am-6pm M-F

We also have advertising packets for any company looking to support the team this year and get some advertising in at the same time. Please come by, or we'd be happy to email you one.

-be sure to listen LIVE to the games on our website! Bookmark this link to keep it handy if you can't make it out to a game!


Turning Up The Heat!

It's been hot this week, and that means bad news for your computer and networking equipment! Be sure to clean out everything that accumulated winter dust, and make sure that all is well ventilated, and clear. Your expensive equipment that you depend on will thank you by not failing on you :)


Residential Customers:

Our business customers get a monthly managed care plan for them, but we don't have one for you. Most of you have remote support set up on your machines, so if it's time for a routine cleanup/update, please email us/call us and let us know when the best time is. It's easy- We remote in, do our work, and you can pay us online. No fuss, no muss!

If you don't have remote support set up, simply click here and follow the 3 easy steps. Help is on the way when you need it most :)

Still need to bring it in? No need for an appointment! just drop by anytime M-F 10am-6pm and we will be happy to help :)


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