There is a new Avast Antivirus Version

For most of our business customers, we've been updating their Avast for them. But our residential customers should probably upgrade theirs as well. If you need help, please let us know. Especially if we have TeamViewer installed on your PC/laptop. It will only take a few minutes :) To do it yourself, simply right-click the Avast icon in your task bar, and select update, and click program.

Remember that you don't have to update to the PAID version. The free version is just fine.


Our Twitter Feed Is Now On baic.com!

Not into Twitter? (yet) but want to see what we're up to over there? We now have our feed on our website!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Keep in mind, RT (ReTweets) may not make sense if you aren't looking at the feed on Twitter.


It's that time again!

Vallejo Admirals Baseball is coming soon! Stay tuned for the season schedule, and be sure to listen LIVE to the games on our website! Bookmark this link to keep it handy if you can't make it out to a game!

You can also stream live any one of the Internet Radio Stations graciously made stream-able by Kid Red Entertainment

Choose from four different commercial-free, and work-friendly stations!


If you aren't following us online...

Then you're missing out on the fun, and we're missing YOU! Please remember to choose your favorite media below and follow us for daily/weekly free information, news, and just plain old fun :)

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