Announcing the Long Awaited BAIC Blog!

Some of you have FaceBook. Some of you have Twitter. And some of you don't do social media at all, or very infrequently. For the latter, we now offer our posts right on our website! We even took it a step further: We broke it down to General, Windows Users, Mac Users, Mobile Users, and Linux Users :)

-And we even now have an RSS feed for those who use RSS!


Computer Cleanup Sale! Forward this newsletter to your friends, family or co-workers. Mention this newsletter, and this week (business class clients with monthly managed care plans are not included here), and you can have a laptop/PC tune-up for just $45!

This includes virus/malware scans, cleaning out the chassis of all dust and debris, checking the cooling systems (remember a $4 fan is SO much cheaper than a new motherboard and chipset!) and make sure that all updates and antivirus software is up-to-date.

Classes! We have been having beginner, intermediate, and advanced PhotoShop Classes for quite some time now, but it's time to kick off with some more types of classes. We will be starting off with basic Internet and Basic computing. Then the plan is to move to Quickbooks training! Stay tuned, more to follow on this.

Two new websites to see! Creations and Illustrations and Gallery 621 are two sites that we proudly host that just launched their new sites this week.