You have your favorite XP machine.

You love it, you have everything set up just the way you want it. It's your old friend. We get that. But here's the kicker: Microsoft will no longer be supporting your operating system as of April 8th of this year. 

 What does this mean? Well in a nutshell: no more security updates. In fact, no more updates at all! No more bug fixes. Microsoft is calling it quits after a successful 12 year run. They are walking away from it. You don't want to be hung out in the wind exposed and vulnerable. But what to do??

Here is the GOOD NEWS!!

If you have the right hardware (fast machine with decent video card) we can do the in-place upgrade for you!

What will it cost? Right now, we know that money is tight. We get it. So we are offering this deal of $120 upgrade to Win 7. We are practically doing this at cost! This means that you can keep your software, settings, etc. And still have your beloved PC, and have a fresh new operating system that is secure and modern and up-to-date!

*Cost includes prep work, and virus/malware scans prior to upgrade. Some systems may recommend memory/video upgrades prior to upgrades. In the case where this isn't an option, please read below.

What if I have an older PC that won't support Win 7?

Again! more good news!! We have PLENTY of affordable computers in stock right now! Above you read about our $120 fee for an upgrade, well from $120 to just under $300 you can take home a refurbished (FAST) PC that already has Win 7 Professional installed, updated, and ready to use!

And get this: We will transfer all of your data (files, bookmarks, etc) to your new machine free of charge! -Software transfers add $75.

Time is ticking!

Don't let time catch up with you :) 

There's no excuse to not have a great computer that you are happy with. If it's an upgrade to your existing machine, or a refurbished one, we have a solution that will work for you! Stop by the shop today and see how we can make computers work well again for you.

We even offer remote support for your upgrade/new PC!

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