We JUST got word from our remote support software company LogMeIn that they are no longer offering their free software packages. This was the whole reason for us using them so as to keep costs low for you our customers. We spent the last day and 1/2 researching and testing various new software, and we re-discovered TeamViewer.

TeamViewer will allow us to do everything that LogMeIn allowed us to do, but it will allow us to do MORE. We will be able to transfer files, have faster access, and more...but still offering the same great security and convenience that LogMeIn did for us.

What does this all mean? Do I have to do anything?

Residential Clients: We will still have a rescue program available on our website for all of you to connect to us for support "as-needed" It will probably be an even easier process than before. Those few that we have perm access to, we will change you over like the business clients. Please leave all workstations on in the evenings so that we can facilitate the migration for you.

Business Clients that don't need their own remote access: You will most likely be changed over 1st at night, after hours. Please leave all workstations on after you close so that we can facilitate the migration for you.

Business Clients that share the remote access with us: We will be doing the migration like the rest, but we will be sending each of you login instructions as well as the new perks that the new company offers (like file transfers, etc) that we didn't have before the new company. Please leave all workstations ON for the next week while we do the changeover for you.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

We only have a week to do the migration before LogMein closes us off of the free service.

Please be patient, we will get to everyone in a very timely manner. We have thousands of workstations and servers to migrate, and less than 7 days to do it. Again, all migrations will be done at night after business hours, so please leave all workstations turned on each night. If there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know :)  Thank you!

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