Easy and Amazing Gift Giving Ideas:

#1 Surprise them with a BAIC Gift Certificate!

From Virus removals, to systems cleanups, to computer check-ups, we will have them covered with a BAIC gift certificate for any time of the year! If they have a PC or laptop, chances are they will need our services at some point. *From $45 and up

#2 Giving them a new PC or Laptop this year?

A $65 gift certificate will give them a "new user setup package"! This includes removal of all of the annoying trial-ware that ships with a new computer, and for those who dread the new Windows 8, a copy of "Start 8" by Stardock! This gives Win 7 functionality to Win 8. Also includes antivirus and so much more! Same day/next day service standard.

#3 Secret Santa Special!

Bring us their new PC or Laptop and we will do the same $65 service as above, but we will re-box it for you so that they can have an amazing new machine right out of the box!

 #4 Give them a Website!

Your favorite uncle mentioned that he wanted to take up blogging, or your cousin wanted a website for her crafting or her favorite recipes. Starting at just $75, we can set up their very own website! Includes domain registration, web space, email and about 30 extra features like stats at no extra charge!

#5 We Have PCs, Laptops, and Flat Panel Monitors!

Stop by and see the great PCs, laptops, and monitors that we have in stock for the holidays!

#6 We Will Train Them!

$75 gift certificate will give them one full hour of training on their new device that you bought for them this year! iPads, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Laptops and PCs...even their new website (see #4)

Shop locally, save time and hassle and avoid the crowds this year.

Spend more time with your family because this is what the holidays are really all about :)

From our family to yours, happy holidays!

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