Beware of Phone Scammers!

(please forward this email to anyone that you think may be at risk)

Calling from India: There is a company that is STILL calling from India. They claim to be from Windows or Microsoft and that they have been alerted that your computer has been infected, or is at risk. They then ask to remote into your computer to run scans and fix it for you. This is a scam. Microsoft would never call anyone about their computer. We have had about 20 of our clients call us to ask about this (a few after they gave them access and a credit card number over the phone). If you get a call from "Windows Application Service Center" simply hang up on them. DO not give them access to your machine, and do not give them a credit card number. Here is an article to read further. As best we can tell, they are targeting folks over 45, and are using language that scares and convinces folks to talk to them and to let them have access to their computers.


We have a new web bot!  Her name is Ako, and she is there to greet and assist web visitors like you when you come to our site! She is completely AI (Artificial Intelligence), and she is learning about our company, our website, and our staff :) So the next  time you stop by our website, ask her questions and she will answer them to the best of her ability. She will even redirect you to certain pages that you might ask about. Have fun with her, but be nice...she has feelings!


Gift Certificates! We now have a secure online process to purchase gift certificates for that special someone who needs the gift of tech support. Available to print-at-home, this is a wonderful way to show someone that you care :)

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