Free Ticket Giveaway!!

Hot Wednesday Nights at the Empress Theater!

Residential customers: The first PC/Laptop in the door for a cleanup/virus removal on Wednesday 7/31 walks out with a FREE pair of tickets! No catch, no strings! Just 2 free tickets to the Empress Theaters Hot Wednesday night concert series!

Business Customers: 1st to sign up for a monthly managed care plan on Wednesday 7/31 for your office gets 4 free tickets to share with your office!

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Refurbished Computer Sales!!

Hurry while supplies last!

 1. HP Mini Tower PC $200 (we have 1) With 500 GB Hard drive (new), 2GB Memory, Fully loaded (just plug it in and use it right away). Includes build-in wireless and front side card slots. Win 7. Great for an extra workstation, or as a home PC!

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2. Mac G3's $50  PowerPC (not Pentium) Comes with OSX pre-installed. Great for a kids computer or as a collectors item!

 3. Older Dell Optiplex PCs. Comes with Dell OEM Win 7, and are only $65 each! Great as kids computers to do homework and research on (not good for gaming but will run educational games just fine).


fish cam

New Fun Live Cam!

Most of you know that we have shop kitties, but a lot of you didn't know that CJ has almost 20 years of Koi raising experience. When we lost our last Koi (an 8 yr old), we decided to try different fish altogether. And, to share the new tank experience with you all, we made a live webcam :) Works better in Internet Explorer, but this link will take you to see them :) The username is guest, and the password is guest. During the day, the tank will only have the LED lights on, but at night, the tank light will be on for a different experience.

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Is that all greek to you? Well we offer full service as well! After you set up your account, we can meet with you, and discuss what type of site you want, and we can build it for you. -Easy, affordable, and FAST!


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