Arts Benicia Presents!

The Camel Barn Painters

 This Friday night from 6-8pm

Come see us for the opening reception for 7 artists: Joanne Corbaley, Nancy Freeman, Kathy Oja, Hope Wingert, Jan Radesky, Joyce Snyder and Stephen Schumm. This collection presents a breadth of plein air paintings and mixed media works.

New Classes Starting up!

We are starting our two new beginner classes!

"Demystifying the Internet" is a 1.5 hr class that will make the Internet EASY to understand. This is a VERY fun class that will help you  understand how the Internet works, the difference between an intranet and the internet, how it the Internet got started, what is a server, how servers "talk" to each other, how your PC/laptop "talks" to servers, how email and websites work and more! This is an excellent class for anyone who would like to feel more comfortable about their online experiences. All done in plain language and not "geek speak". The class is only $40, we need a 5 person class minimum, and are for adults 18 or older.

"Demystifying Your PC" is a 1.5 hr class that helps you understand what a PC is and how it evolved, and how it actually works! This will be a fun class that is a little hands-on that will show you all the parts that make up a computer and how they all work together. This class certainly won't make you a computer engineer, nor will it get you A+ certified, but it WILL make you feel more empowered to know how your PC works :) The class is only $40, we need a 5 person class minimum, and are for adults 18 or older.

Please email for class schedules, registration, and payment information.

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