The great news is: If you can read this, you don't have the FBI-Internet blocking malware :)

Residential Customers: It still may now still be a good time for a check-up! A simple cleanup or checkup is only $45, and usually can be same day service (depending on when you bring it to us). Whereas a full blown malware/virus removal can get in upwards of $130-150 and take days in some cases to get your laptop or PC back (depending on the severity. Business owners: You have help too! We can set up a Monthly Managed Care Service where we do remote support at night (when your office is closed) and clean, optimize, and run malware/virus scans once a month to make sure that you keep your downtime to a bare minimum!


Save money by shopping locally?? Yes you can! We had a client the other day tell us that we were the "all under one roof shopping" like the large retail stores...but with services. We thought that was a great analogy, and we will be starting to package our services as products with flat fees instead of open-ended "by the hour" rates. This way you will know what you are getting for your hard earned dollar.


Web and email hosting? Yes, you can save money and get better support and service by switching to us today. More and more local businesses are learning how EASY and PAINLESS it is to transfer their domains to us and save BIG! Our web and email packages are (per year) $75/$150 for small business, and yes...enterprise accounts at just $300!

This includes domain registration, web hosting, email, and about 30 other features STANDARD. Want a NEW account? Have a credit card handy? We can set it up on the phone or in person and have it functioning within the hour!

Call us 707-297-6789 and see how we can help you or a friend get better service, faster service, and save money in the process!


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