We are moving!

Well, not us physically, but our servers are :) There will be some downtime for our existing web/email customers during the migration and the DNS changes as early as tomorrow (Friday morning). There is no cause for alarm during the migration. We are simply moving things from our server facility in Texas, to our new facility in California. We appreciate everyone's patience during the move, We assure you that we will make this transition as quickly and as painlessly as possible...but it does have to be during business hours, and it does have to be during the week.

Thank you everyone for your patience, and please look forward to even better, faster service after the migration has taken place.


CJ Spurlock, OWNER BAIC Multimedia & IT Solutions


Here are the FAQs that we've gotten so far:

Q: Will there be mail loss?

A: No. Your mail will be waiting for you once the DNS catches up and will be ready to download.

Q: Will I have to do anything?

A: No, it will be a sleepless night for our admins and engineers so that you, our valued customer don't have to worry about a thing.

Q: Why are you moving?

A: We originally decided to have our servers in Texas because of cost effectiveness and keeping our costs low for all of you. We then got a better service contract here in California, and were able to do our service upgrades for our new Business Class clients at the same time.

Q: Will you be moving again?

A: No. We will keep our service here in California where it belongs :)

Q: I guess I had a business class account that's now have an economy business plan with you guys. How do I upgrade to get my own server?

A: Call us and we will be happy to upgrade you to your very own server :)

Q: I now have an economy business hosting plan and am happy with it. Do I need to do anything?

A: No. All you need to do is enjoy the same great service that you always have (well, actually better than it was).

Q: Why aren't your servers in-house at your office?

A: The main reasons are security and bandwidth. Our co-located server facility has armed guards, retinal scanning entry, a non-disclosed location, and no office (not even business class cable Internet) can come close to the speeds that a licensed colo facility has :)

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