Say goodbye to shared hosting, and hello to your company's very own web/mail server!

So now it's either time to bring your hosting to us, or upgrade your existing plan with us :)

As of this weekend, our company is moving forward with our web hosting plans. We still offer the Personal Web Plan for $75 a year, but now we have two business plans. Economy Business for $150 a year, and now the new Business Class Hosting Package! Starting at just $30 a month! 

With shared hosting, it's a community of web and email accounts living on the same server.  Think of it like an apartment complex: One building, with many units. With our new business class plan, you have your own server with it's own unique IP address! Which we guess is like having your own home with a yard and a pool :)

New Business Hosting Plan:

1.       100% Dedicated Resources

2.       XenServer Based VPS Technology

3.       “No Worry” Full Management

4.       RAID 10 Storage

5.       cPanel / WHM

6.       Backup/Restore Functions

7.       Uptime Guarantee 99.9%

Web Stats

We also give all users access to AWStats for each domain they have hosted with us. AWStats is one of the most powerful and feature rich tools when it comes to server-side website statistics. The graphical interface, and easy to use reporting makes it an analytical tool that many web hosting clients need, love and use every day.

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