Our New Featured Artist is here!

Lorri-Marie Jenkins presents "When I Join the Circus". Her opening reception is THIS Friday December 7th from 6pm-9pm. If you'd like a sneak peek, you may drop by our shop anytime (well 10am-6pm)  to take a look :) Also see our first ever LARGE tree! It's an 11 foot tree, and we decorated it with hand-made decorations!

The cupcakes: Laramie Lawrenz of Bay City Bakers is providing gourmet cupcakes for the event! We will have other fun goodies as well!

RSVP by replying to this email so that we can know how many cupcakes will be needed. If you follow us on FaceBook, the invite can be RSVP'd there as well :)

THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!! Looking for that perfect gift? How about a gift certificate? Give the gift of Tech Support for your friends and loved ones! Avoid the stores, shop locally, and give that special person on your list a pre-paid BAIC Gift Certificate. Can be purchased on-line here.

Or stop by and see us at 941 Grant Street, Suite C if you prefer that "in-store" feel :) - We'd love to see you!

We also have a Dell Inspiron 1150 Laptop for sale for $200! Recently refurbished, and fully loaded, it's a nice 1st laptop for someone. It has a CD/DVD ROM, 1GB memory, Windows XP Pro (fresh OEM install), and is ready to be taken home and used right away!

Looking for a PC? We have a newly refurbished custom tower, pretty white full sized case, DVD/CD, 2GB DDR2 Memory, 1/2 Terabyte Hard Drive, Win 7 newly installed for $250!

Cold/Flu Season is upon us! We just got over 3 weeks of viral bronchitis, and let us assure you that it's not fun! Clean those keyboards and mice, use hand sanitizer after using public items like ATMs and doors to buildings. Lysol spray areas where folks have been coughing, and sick.

If you aren't feeling well, STAY HOME! Rest, fluids. Remember that honey, chamomile, and green tea are natural antibiotics, and natural antivirals. Plus the teas keep you hydrated your throat and bronchial passageways soothed from their warmth :)

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