We now have groovy software deals!

We are now an official affiliate company for Adobe as well as other large software manufacturers! So now we can get you great deals on Adobe Products like CS6, Acrobat XI, Student and Teacher discounts on Adobe Cloud, Lightroom 4, and SO much more!

Click here to see Adobe, PC Mover, Disk Doctors, Nero 12, and a whole list of useful packages for the do-it-yourselfer

Oh yeah, we have games too :)

 There will be more titles here soon, but there's a fun list of game titles for various PC & game consoles growing here.

Now for hardware! This is a short list now too, but soon we will be having special offers and discounts from many other companies, including ThinkGeek- just in time for the holidays!

So keep us in mind when you are shopping for your home or office!


Scavenger Hunt!

A spectacular mind-blowing artistic Global Scavenger Hunt hosted by actor Misha Collins. Last year, everyone who participated broke a Guinness World Record and the winning team joined Misha for a romantic dinner in Rome. Many of the participants claimed it was a life-changing experience that pulled them out of their shell and completely changed their outlook on life. This year, the Winning Team will be joining Misha in Scotland and staying in a private haunted castle.

This year we have joined the global community to test our skills against the worlds best scavenger hunters! We may be calling on some of you to help from time to time in really fun jobs. All you would need is a sense of adventure, a camera (or cam phone) and the ability to run a task for us if you are in an area that we can't get to quickly :) Life isn't all serious. Sometimes we need to pump the brakes and have some fun!

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Our website has a new look! In case you haven't seen it yet, hop on over to our site and let us know what you think! We pulled all the stops to make it more user-friendly, easy to read, easy to find information, and added useful tools and information in our new blog section!

Also, the blog and do-it-yourself section is now broken down into easy to find categories (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Users)