Blog 10.9.2012 Comments Off on 911 And How it Impacted us 11 years ago

911 - Never forget Those who lost their livesIn the morning of 911…11 years ago. We had just started this company out of our one car garage in Vallejo. We thought that what we saw on TV was a joke at 1st. We couldn’t believe that what we were seeing was real. After the initial shock wore off, we jumped online to keep in touch with people in this country as well as other countries via IRC, and relay news reports in real time…back and forth depending on who got what news first.

Keep in mind that this was the time of dial-up Internet and ISDN. Communication isn’t like what it is today. It’s amazing that in just one decade how much things can be so different. Added to that, the terror of knowing that our sister who works for American Airlines, was flying that day and we didn’t know where she was. Several hours of waiting on hold and being transferred all over the company, American Airlines finally told us that her flight was safely grounded in Texas.

The horrible things that we saw that day…and in the days to follow, to those poor people in and around those buildings…and their families who were just as afraid for their loved ones as we were ours was devastating. The silence of the skies afterward for what seemed an eternity was almost deafening at times. So on 9/11, stop for a few minutes and remember. Hold a good thought, or say a prayer, or meditate….whatever your beliefs hold for you personally. And remember the brave men and women who risked their own lives to help those who couldn’t help themselves. To those of you reading this that weren’t as fortunate as we were: Our hearts go out to you and your loved ones. This is a horrific date to remember each year. But we do, and we will…always.



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